Render a Screenshot (GET)


The following options for the API call are:


TOKEN: The TOKENor your API key should be replaced by your real ScreenshotAPI API, you can find your API key after you Sign Up or Log In to the service via the Dashboard page.

Note: If for any reason you need to get a new API key, simply click "Roll API Key" in the "Settings" card on the Dashboard. This will issue you a fresh API key and revoke access from the previous key.


URL: Website URL for the site you would like to render for the screenshot. We support a wide variety of websites types, such as single page apps, very long-content, and sites that require lazy loading or delays ensuring accurate and complete screenshots of these unique sites.


OPTIONS: Options indicates the different URL parameters keys and values that can be used to render your "perfect" screenshot. All the options for screenshots will be detailed below.

Note: Default options for the screenshot will be shown in the Options table below.



This will render the following png image output when you paste in the above string into your browsers URL bar (replacing TOKEN with your API key):